5 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight (from Working Out)

We hear over and over how a proper diet and regular exercise are the only way to achieve weight loss.

However, it can take our bodies some time to adjust to what we’re asking of it. Sometimes we don’t give ourselves the care and attention we really need when trying to get in shape and so the pounds cling on for dear life regardless of how hard we work.

If this sounds like you, don’t panic. Below we’ve listed 5 reasons you’re not losing weight from working out and how you can combat them.


You’re Eating Too Much or Too Little

It’s possible you’re eating too much. A lot of people overeat after their workouts as they assume they’ve burned off more energy than they actually have because they experience extreme hunger post-workout.

The key is to pay attention to what you’re eating, eating the wrong foods or too much puts all your hard work to waste.

The opposite of this is eating too little. Thinking you can cut out whole food groups or severely reducing your calorie intake is overworking your body, making it harder to avoid binges, mood swings, and exhaustion. You need to be consistent in both your exercise and diet to see long-term weight loss.


 Your body needs protein

Many underestimate the importance of protein. Our bodies spend more energy to break down protein than it does carbs or fats.

Diets higher in protein are proven to help people shed more weight while promoting the muscle growth and supporting your body as a whole. Protein helps you to feel fuller, meaning you’ll be inclined to eat less and have more energy to commit to your workouts and daily tasks.

Custom meal plans for weight loss are a good way to provide structure to your diet without you having to do all the work yourself.

Protein sources like grass-fed beef, lamb and pork, pastured-raised poultry, wild caught seafood and small servings of nuts, seeds or yogurt are great examples of high protein foods that should be consumed if you’re looking to lose weight.


Switch Up Your Workouts

If you work out regularly, after a while, your routine is going to become stale. It’s advisable to alter your routines every 4-8 weeks depending on intensity and progress.

Get better workout results by kicking things up a gear. Doing cardio such as the elliptical or running for long periods of time is only eating away at your muscles; this causes your body to store energy for those periods, which decreases your appetite as you have the fuel you need.

Tackle this by keeping your workouts shorter and start lifting weights or incorporate other strength exercises. Interval training is one of the better ways to do cardio while maximizing your weight loss potential.


Fats Are Not the Enemy

It was previously thought that fats were the worst thing you could eat when trying to lose weight. But new research shows that an intake of natural fats aids weight loss, maintenance and improves general health.

Eating a diet high in natural fats when using custom meal plans for weight loss will help you get better workout results. Increasing your Omega-fatty acid intake through cold-water fish or supplements may be to your benefit.


Feeling the Stress

Stress plays a big part in our overall health, it’s no surprise many are not losing weight from working out when their body is coping up under pressure.

Take time to relax outside of your work and exercise schedules. Factors, such as poor sleep, alcohol and dehydration also inhibit weight loss. Try to strike a balance and take care of yourself.
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