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Jen- Bio photoJen Hunt
Jen became passionate about nutrition and Food as Medicine in 2013 after trying to resolve an entire body eczema outbreak that had persisted for a year and a half. Dermatologist and doctor visits resulted in prescription creams that attempted to mask the symptoms instead of resolve what the exact cause of the eczema was. Through online research focusing on Holistic Health Jen discovered that eczema is one of the top two symptoms of someone with a gluten intolerance. She removed all gluten from her diet and the eczema cleared up within weeks. Jen decided to pursue nutrition as a career in order to educate others on the amazing and powerful effect diet can have on overall health and the value in uncovering the messages our bodies send us about substances and food that imbalance our system. To formalize her passion, Jen attended the Nutrition Therapy Institute to be a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner.

Jen believes 100% in the power of experience; finding that the areas she specializes in are areas in which she has had the most personal experience. Weight loss, digestive disorders, imbalanced blood sugar, adrenal disorders, fatigue, and detoxification programs are very consistent areas of interest for Jen. She also has experience in the fitness industry and has led group fitness programs and indoor cycling classes; many of her fitness clients have goals of losing weight and maintaining weight loss.

AshleyWillsAshley Wills
As an advocate for healthy living, Ashley spends her free time running half-marathons and participating in active endeavors with her husband and young children. She uses family meal times as an opportunity to teach her sons the importance of eating clean and maintaining a well-balanced diet. As a proponent of self-development, Ashley achieved her M.B.A. in 2013 and is always welcoming new experiences to learn from.

Ashley has substantial experience in various administrative capacities and excels at managing multiple projects simultaneously. Details are her specialty as well as her notable ability to master new technologies. Ashley oozes southern hospitality which allows her to connect deeply with others in both her professional and personal life.

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