Can You Get Better Workout Results With Crossfit?

Crossfit has become increasingly popular, with many choosing this form of exercise over more traditional options such as running and basic gym use.

Crossfit is a form of high-intensity strength training, so it provides all the benefits of both cardio and strength routines. These short bursts of activity reduce the time you need to spend exercising to get better workout results.

Sounds good, right? Crossfit could be exactly what you need if you are not losing weight from working out or are just plain bored of doing the same old exercises day after today.

Let’s take a look at how you can breathe new life into your workouts using this type of training.


Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

Those who focus primarily on strength usually lack endurance, while those who do more cardio tend to lack strength. You need to combine the two in order to get better workout results.

When you’re conditioned to do cardio and strength in shorter bursts, you’re able to maximize both your performance and effort.

The 2013 study Journal of Strength and conditioning study, saw that women gained both muscle mass and lost weight rapidly over the course of a 10-week program regardless of their initial fitness level.


The Health Benefits

Industry professionals suggest your heart rate needs to be elevated between 60-90% of the time to see an improvement in cardio endurance. The American Council study on Exercise found that those performing Crossfit were mostly at 90% of their max heart rate throughout their programs. Being able to increase stamina, improve body composition and aid muscle growth may be the reason why so many diehard cardio and weightlifting enthusiasts have adopted Crossfit.

Many see an increase in joint mobility too, as the routines teach you how to weight lift correctly. Doing this dramatically decreases your risk of injury and other health problems.

Other benefits include improved coordination, speed, power, and agility. All these factors promote your overall health, with links to better metabolic and neurological function.


Be a Part of a Community

All Crossfit programs are led by a professional instructor. Having access to a personal trainer will ensure you get the results you’re looking for as they’re definitely going to push your limits!

One of the reasons Crossfit is so successful is thanks to the built-in community it comes with. Exercising in a group, helps you stay motivated, provides you with support and of course new friends.

A lot of people rush their workouts to keep them from encroaching on social time. This could well be the reason you’re not losing weight from working out. With Crossfit you don’t have to choose between the two – the bar is still going to be there after your workout!


Diet is Key to Your CrossFit Success

While Crossfit can go some of the ways in helping you achieve your goals, you need to balance the rest of your lifestyle choices as well.

The biggest thing that will give you better workout results is your diet. Yet, this is where most people fall short. Make things easier for yourself but investing in a custom meal plan for weight loss.

A custom meal plan for weight loss is the best way to support your body, providing it with all the nutrients it needs to function both in and out of the gym.
For better workout results, your diet must contain adequate levels of protein and fat to promote weight loss and muscle growth. This is a contrast to the traditional belief that you should minimize all foods except your veggies. Regardless if you fancy CrossFit or not, make sure you get a balanced diet that’s tailored to your needs!  Start with our Body Discovery Process today!

October 10, 2016 • Blog