How To Do Weekly Meal Planning

Typically the average person never seems to have enough food on hand, or the food they do have would spoil before using it, and the preparation was just more trouble than it seemed worth.

With just a bit of forethought an discipline you can begin planning meals for the week in advance, with a well-stocked fridge and a meal ready every night in almost no time at all. For many of us, cooking dinner every night is a frustrating, time-consuming process, even if you know your way around a kitchen. Here’s how I  turned cooking from a time-consuming chore into a quick, easy, and delicious process.

Initial Step

To start, make a list of all the regular dishes you like to make. If you are a Drishti Plan member, look through recipes emailed to you by your Drishti Coach that support your metabolism type.

Step One: Go Shopping

Take some time each week (We suggest using time on Sundays) to go through a three step process: plan your meals for the week, go shopping, and do whatever you need to do to prepare them ahead of time (like thaw frozen items or clean the necessary dishes) 

Step Two: Go Shopping

Go through this list and uncheck the things you already have well-stocked, like butter, salt, vegetable oil, and whatnot (make sure you actually have them stocked, though).

Step Three: Prepare Tomorrow’s Meals At The End of Every Day

Preparing for tomorrow’s meal makes the whole process much easier. Start as soon as you come home from the grocery store, though I actually perform this step every night of the week. Put anything that needs to thaw in the fridge, make sure the necessary pots, pans, and dishes for tomorrow’s meal are clean and ready so you don’t have to do it tomorrow. You could even get the tools and dry ingredients you need and put them on the counter, so you can start cooking as soon as I get off work.

No matter what your cooking issues are, planning out your meals ahead of time can make the whole process much easier, we recommend giving it a try. To give yourself a break from shopping and preparing every single meal for each day of the week we recommend that you choose a few entrees from GoBistro at for pick up or delivery to give yourself a break from preparing a few breakfasts, lunches or dinners.

December 15, 2015 • Blog