How to Get Better Workout Results

We all know how important exercise is to a healthy lifestyle and helping you achieve the body you want.

Whether you’ve been working out for a short while or have incorporated into your life over the years, many people’s weight loss stalls and they end up not losing weight from working out.

To help you get better workout results, we’ve put this list together to ensure you see the results you deserve.


Kick Up Your Cardio Workouts

For a while, cardio got a bad rap with many people spending too many hours on the gym machines making little progress.

If it wasn’t people overdoing it at the gym, it was the diehard runners who were pummeling their bodies day after day, not fueling themselves correctly and hampering their muscle growth and putting a strain on their joints.

Fortunately, in recent years cardio has come back in favor thanks to interval training, which is supported by the American College of Sports Medicine as it is shown to increase your metabolism for 24 hours post workout.

As your fitness increases you can add more intensity intervals into your workouts, so you get frequent high-energy bursts to really push your body. This even works for walking if you add in intervals at a faster pace making it suitable for novices too.


Build Your Body With Strength Training

Your body demands fuel around the clock, regardless of how much exercise you’re doing. You can’t alter your metabolic requirements until you’re at a place of better fitness, but you can change your muscle mass which needs constant feeding too.

When custom meal plans for weight loss are combined with strength training you’re revving up your body to burn more calories while you’re strengthening your body, this improves your overall health and helps to shape your figure in a way very few other exercise types can.

Building your body 2-3 times a week in a 20-30 minute routine helps to decrease your risk of heart problems, diabetes, and stroke. It also decreases your chances of injury.

To begin, ask a staff member at your gym or get weights for home at a level that is difficult but not unmanageable and increase the weight along with the number of reps as you improve.  Exercises to try would include bicep curls, bent over rows, calf raises with weights and overhead presses to get your body fired up when you’re not losing weight from working out.


Body Weight Exercises Aren’t Just For Beginners

Lots of people skip the basics, believing that exercises that seem simple won’t help them get better workout results. This isn’t the case as body weight exercises are some of the easiest to modify to your ability so over time they become anything but simple and the best part is they can be done anywhere anytime – so no excuses!

Again, you have to put in the effort and your body weight exercises should be done in tandem with custom meal plans for weight loss to make sure you reach your goals.

A strong core equals a strong body, so exercises such as pushups and planks should be part of your routine. Along with squats to strengthen your body overall, these are great and work your whole system. The same can be said of lunges which are performed for maximum results, targeting more than just your legs. Crunches and all of the above exercises have numerous variations to help you get the most from your workouts.
We’ve covered just a few of the ways you can get better workout results here. For more diet and exercise advice register for the Drishti Plan’s  Body Discovery Process, you don’t have to do it alone!

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