How to Stop Feeling Out Of Control


Do you feel like you’re always running out of time? Every day at work, you read your mails; check your task lists, putting them into the “to-do later”. And in the end, you are faced with tons of things to do. Then, you end up cramming and out of control of everything?

Let’s take Benjamin Franklin as an example. He worked as a printing press apprentice, writer, politician, scientist, postman and a lot more. It is an inspiration to all how Franklin was able to have time for his hobbies and social pastimes, but kept on leaping from interest to interest and still became a well-regarded and wealthy businessman. How?


Josh Davis, PhD who wrote the book, ‘Two Awesome Hours”, mentioned about the trap of efficiency, where a person puts the downtime into use by forcing hours of work in a day. There are a lot of books and companies who taught accomplished persons about time management but there is still the problem of lack of time. Moreover, He compares the human brain to a machine. You keep the machine working for hours and yet it still continues to produce the same quality of work and even improves. But, a human who keeps working for hours is not as effective as a machine. Simply, it is because, humans are biological creatures.

Adapted from Dr. Davis’ book, he said to allocate at least 2 hours of productivity a day and follow these strategies:

Recognize Your Decision Points

When you had allotted your 2 hours of productivity, your body starts to go on autopilot. Your body would tend to choose tasks that are easy or urgent. Take this as an opportunity to maximize your decision making, which task to be tackled first and as well as to pause and reflect your true priorities.

Manage Your Mental Energy

There are certain tasks which require a great deal of focus and concentration could deplete your mental reserves (also in a highly emotional task) Thus, choose that time of the day in which you are highly productive and purposefully schedule important task on that time.

Stop Fighting Distractions

It doesn’t have to mean that we give in to the temptation of social media. Fighting distractions is like rowing a boat against the current. Dr. Davis said that our minds are designed to regularly refresh—to be ready to discern new things in the environment. Thus allowing your mind to rest for a few minutes could actually be of great help to refocus.

Leverage Your Mind–Body Connection

Our mind and our bodies are interconnected. That is why physical health is as important as mental health. Stay properly hydrated, frequent small meals, moderate caffeine intake and moderate exercise. Sometimes your posture affects the way you think.

Make Your Workspace Work for You

Take note that the external environment has also a significant role on your game. Once you know what diverts your attention or what ticks your brain to be in creating or risk-taking modes, you can adjust your environment for better productivity.


For every human, there is a vast potential. Each has the capability of comprehension, motivation, emotional control, problem solving, creativity, and decision making when our biological systems are functioning optimally.

The main gist of the story is for you to set up your ideal conditions. This is for you to utilize your best two hours to cross out the important work from your task list. Thus you can maximize your day, get rid of the feeling of out of control, and find success.


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