Mercury Exposure: Food and Environmental Hazards

Human activities especially burning fossil fuels and mining contributes to the release of mercury into the environment in the form of inorganic mercury vapor into the atmosphere. As the vapor floats around, it eventually settles down in fresh water and seawater. Then, it will be ingested by marine organisms later on ingested by humans in the form of methyl mercury.

Other sources of mercury ingestion include: livestock fed contaminated fishmeal, mercury-contaminated-soil-grown plants, food storage in pottery with mercury-based paint, duck eggs, chemicals used on food crops (e.g., pesticides), and fish oil.

Furthermore, mercury is used in thermometers, batteries, electrical apparatus, caustic soda, and in making gold. It’s also used as catalysts in chemicals and in some electrical switches.


What is Mercury poisoning?

Mercury poisoning signs and symptoms are not noticeable right away. Ingestion of food contaminated by mercury is absorbed in our digestive tract going to our blood which circulates in our entire body. Eventually, the blood that is filtered by the kidneys will accumulate with mercury and other internal organs will also be affected. 

Here are the effects of long-term mercury poisoning:

  • Numbness in hands and feet progressing proximally
  • Difficulty in walking
  • Tremors
  • Blindness and double vision
  • Mood changes
  • Memory problems
  • Seizures
  • Hearing problems

Big Fish, High Mercury

  • Big predatory fish have high concentrations in their bodies (eg. halibut and tuna).
  • If you are eating canned tuna, choose the light or skipjack tuna, and at least less than two servings a week.

Goodbye mercury thermometers

  • Discard in a hazardous collection facility.
  • Choose digital thermometers.

Forget about silver-colored dental fillings

  • A better option for dental fillings is composite, or porcelain.
  • If you have one, just leave it because removal exposes you to more mercury.


  • Worry less for vaccines


  • Some of the vaccines at present contain residues of thimerosal that are extremely small amounts.
  • You can ask for a mercury-free version.


  • Go organic.
  • Proper exercise can help detoxify your body.

As a summary, we may never realize that certain things in our food and environment can cause ill effects to our health, it is most important is to live a healthy lifestyle. If you have difficulty in choosing your meal plans, it is our main purpose to help you choose an eating plan  suited to your specific metabolism for a healthy you. Contact Drishti Plan today at 303-204-2866.

March 15, 2017 • Blog