Drishti Membership Plans

Intro: Diet Analysis – $49

Your five Daily Food Journal entries are broken down into very fine, precise detail for each day that include calories, fat grams, sugar grams, cholesterol, sodium, vitamins, mineral, amino acids, water intake and more. We provide you with as much information about your diet as possible and alert you to the vitamin and minerals that are deficient. Nutrient deficiencies alter bodily functions and processes at the most basic cellular level such as water balance, enzyme function, nerve signaling, digestion, and metabolism. Once we know which nutrients are deficient, we put together a personalized plan and suggested recipes to include foods rich in the needed vitamins and minerals.

Diet Analysis includes:

  • Five days of customized Diet Analysis
  • Details of Diet deficiencies and how they might be affecting your body
  • A plan for balancing your nutrient levels
  • Recipe ideas personalized for your specific nutrient requirements
  • Vitamin and supplement recommendations based on your nutritional analysis

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Level 1: Drishti Body Discovery Plan – $119

Drishti Body Discovery is a virtual body analysis that determines your unique metabolic type and provides you with a personalized nutritional plan to help you achieve your health goals. Each person has one of the four major endocrine glands that runs their metabolism. By determining your predominant gland, we can determine an ideal exercise and diet plan which will help with fatigue, weight gain, mood swings, and overall well-being.

Your customized Drishti Body Discovery Analysis includes:

  • Your unique metabolism type
  • Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR): The minimum amount of calories you should be consuming to give your body the energy it needs for basic functioning
  • Your daily water intake goal
  • Your Body Discovery Plan: A detailed explanation of how you should be eating and exercising based on your unique metabolic type and health goals
  • Recipe ideas that support your glandular type

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Level 2: Body Discovery and Diet Analysis – $149

This plan provides you with a Nutritional Roadmap that specifically tells you what foods to eat and what time to eat them for your metabolic type and also shows you exactly where you are on the map with the way that you typically eat. This will alert you to your nutrient levels with a focus on which ones are deficient. To correct your deficiencies a customized strategy will be created for you showing you which foods contain the nutrients that will give you the right types and amounts of vitamins and minerals to supply nutrition and energy for maintaining body cells, tissues, and organs, and for supporting normal growth and development.

Your customized Body Discovery and Diet Analysis includes:

  • The Intro Diet Analysis
  • The full Drishti Body Discovery Analysis (Level 1 Membership)
  • Build awareness of excess unhealthy fats, sugars and refined carbohydrates in your diet

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Nutritional Coaching – $200/month

Our Nutritional Coaching membership includes your own personal health coach to provide ongoing support, following the Body Discovery and Diet Analysis. Your nutritional coach will answer all of your questions, hold you accountable to sticking to your plan, provide additional motivation, track your results, problem solve and troubleshoot any issues you may be having, and adjust or further customize your plan when necessary.

Here’s how it works:

  • Following your diet analysis, your personal health coach will answer any questions you have and set up a personalized plan for your success
  • After your initial meeting, your coach will schedule a call with you every 2 weeks to check on your progress and ensure you’re achieving the results you want
  • You will also receive valuable email support with expert tips and advice relevant to your health goals

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