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Why are you here? Is it because you want to see a change in how you look and feel? Are you tired and burdened with the stress of wanting to feel attractive and in the right shape for your body. You want to wear the latest outfit for this season instead of dressing to hide unwanted weight. You want to be alert and focused for your work, family, and friends.

The Solution: You need a new way to enjoy the food you love that your body needs.

The Drishti Plan helps women challenged with fatigue and uncertainty about their diet find the answers they need. Our three-step approach to balancing your diet to match your metabolism starts with our Body Discover Process. Learning what your body needs is the first step to enjoying the energy and focus you need for your everyday life.

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Body Discovery

  • Body Discovery Results with personalized details
  • Eight (8) suggested Recipes customized for your unique body type
  • A follow-up email ten days after your analysis with an additional eight (8) Recipes
  • Customized nutrition tips to help you achieve optimal health
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Six-Month Body Discovery Vibrant Plan
  • Body Discovery Results with personalized details
  • Eight (8) suggested Recipes customized for your unique body type
  • A follow-up email ten days after your analysis with an additional eight (8) Recipes
  • Customized nutrition tips to help you achieve optimal health
  • Six months of email check-ins to evaluate progress, answer questions, and provide support
  • An exclusive 35-45 minute Q&A phone call
  • Twelve (12) weekly emails each featuring eight (8) Recipes specific to your unique body type
  • Twelve (12) weekly email featuring Nutrition Tips, such as food sourcing, how to read food labels, and more.
  • Vibrant Package Bonus I: Membership to The Drishti Plan Facebook Team Room
  • Vibrant Package Bonus II: Diet Analysis – Three (3) days of Food Journaling, professional review and breakdown of nutritional content, and an exclusive 45-minute phone or video call. This call will include reviewing your journal details, answering questions, and discussing a suggested exercise regimen for your unique body type.
  • Vibrant Package Bonus III: A 90-minute exclusive Pantry overhaul session via video call.
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Larae Evans photoKatie Drew
My experience with Jen at Drishti was one of total peace of mind. Jen and her team’s experience and attention to detail to really pinpoint what’s going on your body creates a safe place where you can feel confident you’re getting the most knowledgable information. The results they offer are solid and you will see big changes in your health and body. The ease of joining online makes it easy and efficient. If you desire to get the results you need, whether in weight loss, energy boost or overall balanced health, I highly recommend working with Jen the Drishti team.

Larae Evans photoLarae Evans
My average daily meal planning is very healthy and contains grassfed beef and fish a few times a week. I found the Drishti Plan Diet Analysis to be interesting and it pointed to vitamins and minerals that were missing from my diet despite my careful planning. I made a conscious choice to choose vegetables that contained the missing nutrients and to include them in my meals. I learned the importance of eating meals at specific times in order to control cravings and balance hormones. I became more aware of how many ounces of water I need to drink each day. I highly recommend the Drishti Plan to anyone seeking to increase their health and vitality level.

Cindy Norris photoCyndi Norris
I would recommend the Drishti Plan to anyone, regardless of how healthy they think they may be. Their knowledge of food and how it affects the body is second to none. After I completed a 5-day detailed food journal for my Drishti coach she was able to make dietary recommendations for me. For years I was told I had low blood sugar and the doctor told me that my blood sugar crashing and panic attacks were the result of not eating correctly, without giving me guide lines on how to overcome this problem. Given a couple of manageable changes in my diet, my Drishti coach showed me that making the smallest changes, such as adding or subtracting foods in my diet have made positive and noticeable improvements in how I feel. I just turned 56 and I am experiencing higher energy levels, sleeping better, and feeling happier. I look forward to a long relationship with the Drishti Plan and will continue to ask for their counsel for my continued good health.

Susie Nuccio photoSusie Nuccio has been an eye opener and therefore, life-changing. After completing the Body Discovery process and logging a food journal, I was given a suggested plan for my body type and goals. While I have always made diet, health and exercise a priority, I wasn’t aware of simple changes I could make to see drastic results. The meal planning by is realistic and easily fits into my day to day lifestyle. It keeps me in line and I have watched the pounds drop slowly and steadily. My energy level has increased, my skin feels amazing and I have never felt better. is a sensible and affordable key to living a healthy life.