Vibrant Plan

Vibrant Plan
Six-Month Body Discovery

> Body Discovery Results with customized details

> Eight (8) suggested Recipes customized for your unique body type

> A follow-up email ten days after your analysis with an additional eight (8) Recipes

> Customized nutrition tips to help you achieve optimal health

> Six months of email check-ins to evaluate progress, answer questions, and provide support

> An exclusive 35-45 minute Q&A phone call

> Twelve (12) weekly emails each featuring eight (8) Recipes specific to your unique body type

> Twelve (12) weekly email featuring Nutrition Tips, such as food sourcing, how to read food labels, and more.

> Vibrant Package Bonus I: Membership to The Drishti Plan Facebook Team Room

> Vibrant Package Bonus II: Diet Analysis – Three (3) days of Food Journaling, professional review and breakdown of nutritional content, and an exclusive 45-minute phone or video call. This call will include reviewing your journal details, answering questions, and discussing a suggested exercise regimen for your unique body type.

> Vibrant Package Bonus III: A 90-minute exclusive Pantry overhaul session via video call.

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