Why You Need a Custom Meal Plan for Weight Loss

Most people would like to lose weight, but with so many diet fads and trends on the market, the whole process seems overwhelming from the very beginning.

While many “miracle” diets, pills and numerous slimming products claim to offer using “easy” steps, following this kind of advice for quick weight loss is often a difficult and uncomfortable journey. A vast amount of these quick-fixes does not provide solutions that will improve your health, support your body or give you any long-term tips to help you keep off any weight you lose.

We all know that sustainable weight loss is only possible and achievable by combining a number of factors. These include regular exercise, listening to your body’s needs and understanding any limitations and taking care of any medical issues you may have and of course most importantly nutrition.


Diet Trends Don’t Consider Your Individual Needs

Everyone is different, some people might quite like drinking juices and during juice cleanses feel perfectly healthy, but most people struggle without proper meals and even for those who do, well, you can’t live on juices forever.

Any product or diet that severely restricts your calorie intake is essentially trying to shock your body into losing weight. This causes many people to feel and performs poorly, often causing them to give up prematurely or rapidly regain weight when they resume eating more.

Your body needs fuel to function. If you nourish your body with healthier foods that can be easily converted into energy, you will be less hungry with the desire to be more active. Good nutrition becomes even more important when you’re exercising regularly, you can’t begin doing vigorous workouts and expect to become stronger and healthier.

The bottomline? Having a custom meal plan for weight loss or any other goals you have will help you attain it in a faster and healthier way. Eating in a way that supports your specific metabolism will allow you to lose weight without cravings, energy lulls or feelings of deprivation. The Drishti Plan’s Body Discovery Process will reveal to you which specific metabolism type you are.


Get Better Workout Results by Starting in The Kitchen!

Poor nutrition is usually the primary reason many people are not losing weight from working out. Even when you are making healthier choices, the quantities of the foods you’re consuming may be wrong for your personal needs.

A frequent issue that plagues many who want to get healthier is finding a diet or product that is suitable when they have allergies, medical conditions or lifestyle preferences that stop them eating certain foods.

Often many foods that are free from certain allergens, non-meat alternative or claim to be “healthy” are loaded with additives, chemicals or bulked out with high-calorie ingredients.


Why You Need a Custom Plan for Weight Loss

The only way to get in better shape is to make a long-term commitment to your health and yourself. Custom meal plans for weight loss are available to help you make changes.

Doesn’t it sound better to eat fresh produce at proper meals, in the right quantity so you can feel your best? Eating a diet rich in proteins and fats is proven to keep you feeling fuller, aid muscle growth and allowing you to exercise effectively, improve your overall health and help you get better workout results.

Custom meal plans for weight loss can cater to anyone, so someone who has allergies may shy away from many foods due to manufacturing methods, but when you avoid processed foods altogether and reach for fresh produce, you’ll soon see how many delicious foods are out there.

Protein requires the most energy to be broken down allowing you to burn more calories. Many people with diet restrictions usually lack protein and good fats and may even be vitamin deficient which could be why you’re not losing weight from working out.

For non-meat protein sources try fish, organic tofu or legumes. To get your fat intake from sources other than dairy there’s a wealth of coconut or other nut products available along with olive oil, seeds, avocados and even dark chocolate!
While these food recommendations are definitely healthy, the fact still remains. Having a custom meal plan for weight loss that’s made specifically to match your goals, lifestyle, and schedule is the best path to take to a healthier you. Sign up for our Body Discovery Process today to learn more!

October 10, 2016 • Blog